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"Arlene Pellicane shares practical ideas on how to become a happy wife."

-Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

"31 Days to a Happy Husband is a meaningful read for any wife who wants to get closer to her husband."

-David Jeremiah, pastor and founder of Turning Point Ministries, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Arlene Pellicane’s message in 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife is every bit as clear, bright, cheerful, and wise as she is."

-Liz Curtis Higgs, speaker and bestselling author of nearly 30 books


Gratitude by the Ages

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Have you ever doubted your child’s ability to be grateful instead of demanding? Maybe you’ve observed your toddler rant and rave, and you wonder how there can be a thankful heart inside that two foot tyrant? Are young children actually capable of showing gratitude and […]



Book Giveaway: Seeking Christmas

I was first introduced to Renee when someone shared her viral post: A Letter to My Boys (The Real Reason I Say No to Electronics) which was viewed 70,000 times in 7 days. After reading that post, I knew I had found a friend in Renee!  She has a wonderful […]



Podcast: Teaching A+ Skills to Preschoolers Part 2

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Wish your preschooler or young child was more appreciative?  Wish they managed anger better?  Learn how to instill these and other A+ emotional skills even in this screen-driven world. This is Part 2 of a presentation I gave to preschool teachers.  Although the […]



Less Screens, Less Stress for Kids

Video games.  Tablets.  Televisions.  In pockets.  On laps.  In cars.  In restaurants.  In bedrooms.  Screens can be a constant source of stimulation for kids.  And that stimulation may be causing stress to spike up in your child. What??? Most parents probably allow screens for education and entertainment, but they don’t […]



Trick or Treat Manners for Kids

“TRICK OR TREAT!” Remember saying those words when you were a kid? Your kids may be saying that phrase over and over again on Friday to unlock the steady stream of candy from neighbors.  Whether you’re going door to door or to a church harvest festival, one thing will make […]



Podcast: Teaching A+ Skills to Preschoolers Part 1

Listen on iTunes     How are screens impacting your preschooler?  In this presentation to preschool educators, Arlene helps you teach emotional skills that no app can teach. Whether you have a preschooler or not, these principles will help you as a parent, grandparent, or teacher. Based on my book […]



Book Giveaway: Everyday Confetti by Karen Ehman & Glynnis Whitwer

My gift is not, well, decorating. (Or sewing, or baking, or knitting, or cooking but I digress…) But with the holiday season in front of me, I do know I have to do something festive! That’s why I’m so glad my friends Karen Ehman and Glynnis Whitwer have written a practical […]