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"Arlene Pellicane shares practical ideas on how to become a happy wife."

-Dr. Gary Chapman, bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

"31 Days to a Happy Husband is a meaningful read for any wife who wants to get closer to her husband."

-David Jeremiah, pastor and founder of Turning Point Ministries, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Arlene Pellicane’s message in 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife is every bit as clear, bright, cheerful, and wise as she is."

-Liz Curtis Higgs, speaker and bestselling author of nearly 30 books


Launch Day: Growing Up Social!

Today is the day Growing Up Social is available in bookstores and online retailers! I am so very excited my friends and hope you will get a copy for yourself and recommend it to friends.  Here’s what one dear mom from our book launch team had to say: I’m so […]


GUS Ethan

Have You Watched the “Growing Up Social” Video?

Take 3 minutes and watch this video. See if you can relate more to the first half or the last half. The way we spend our time, our days, with our children is important. Because our days become years, and the years make up childhood. I know you want your […]



Unexpected Blessings at Focus on the Family

For years, I have listened to Focus on the Family.  Jim Daly and John Fuller have been trusted voices in my car, headphones, and home. This week, I got to meet them face to face! Who knew that Jim Daly had a giant gumball machine in his office?  (I told […]



Book Giveaway: Team Us

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to my friend Ashleigh Slater!  She is the author of Team Us: Marriage Together.  Not only is the foreword written by Gary Chapman, Ashleigh’s husband Ted and my husband James were good friends in graduate school (Regent University).  We’ve known each other […]


Marjorie Blanchard

Dr. Marjorie Blanchard on Becoming a Happy Wife

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Want to excel in your all important role as wife?  Join me for this informative discussion with business leader, entrepreneur, and author Dr. Marjorie Blanchard.  I had the honor of meeting Dr. Blanchard two years ago at a Professional Women’s Fellowship luncheon in San […]



Is Your Marriage Red Hot?

So…is it?   One small thing you can do to keep your marriage warm – and yes, even red hot – is to kiss for 5-30 seconds every day (remember that tip from my book 31 Days to a Happy Husband?). My dear friend and mentor Pam Farrel has a […]


Lucy Pellicane

Big Hair in Thriving Family

Yes, this is my youngest daughter Lucy in all her glory! She was 5 months old.  I didn’t use any styling gel or mousse.  No special hair drying.  One morning, it just went like this! Since my baby was gifted with humorous hair, I have wanted to have her picture […]