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Hubby Turns 40!

My sweet James turned 40 this month.  We celebrated in a sweet (James’ famous ice cream cake) and active (ultimate frisbee) way! 

Here’s what we served that was healthy at the party.  Impressive right?  Thanks to my awesome parents who don’t know how to bring over a normal fruit or veggie tray over. 

But I also have to include this picture to be completely honest…

A little of everything right?  After lunch and cake, we headed to a nearby park to play ultimate frisbee.  This is one of James’ favorite games.  He used to play every week in grad school but hasn’t played in probably 10 years.  It was my goal to get our friends playing so James would feel young again! 

We had a blast!  Ultimate frisbee is played like soccer – your team is trying to get the frisbee through the goal.  But a teammate has to catch the frisbee at the goal line so there’s a lot of running involved.  You should have seen us all huffing and puffing.  One friend got a jammed finger and one of the boys got a bloody lip.  We were getting injured and everything – so that made us feel even more young. 

But yes, we were sore in the days that followed.  Being sore is a good thing – it’s a sign of a body that’s being used!

My hubby is in the middle with the green shirt.  Happy 40th baby!!!

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