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Special Gift for a Romantic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  Hope this will be a special day to give and receive love from the people who matter most to you in life.

Women tend to connect through talking, and men tend to connect through touching.  It’s how many of us are wired.  If you’re married, one main way to show your love is through physical touch.  So to help you physically connect with your husband today and the rest of the days of the year, I have a wonderful resource for you.  It’s a website called CWIVES which stands for “Christian Wives Initiating, Valuing, and Enjoying Sex!” 

Ask your hubby if he likes that acronym! 

CWIVES founder, Jennifer Degler, Ph.D. is a Christian clinical psychologist and life coach.  I think she is brilliant!  She has a monthly dare she sends out that I’m sure your husband would appreciate very much.  Maybe you can sign up for the free monthly dare and let your husband know you’ve done it.  It’s a gift he’ll enjoy receiving throughout the year and so will you!

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