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Book Giveaway: Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman

Calling all women who like to be in control!

(Okay, that is a call for most women!)

I’m giving away two copies of a book you will love…Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman.

I love author and speaker Karen Ehman.  I wrote about her weight loss story about weighing and praying in my book 31 Days to a Younger You.  Karen is authentic and funny.  She understands the many pressures that today’s woman faces.  She herself is a busy homeschooling mom, author, speaker, cook, chaperone, driver, and wife.  She gets it.

In her newest book, Let. It. Go. How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith, Karen gives us a guide to live “out of control.”


That’s right…you will be encouraged to allow God to be in the driver’s seat of your life.  After all, isn’t trying to control everything in your life exhausting and many times, useless?

She writes,

While our personalities and methods may vary, our goal is often the same.  And I’d wager that at the root of our problem are exactly the same two issues I unearthed while confined to my sofa of sickness (during her pregnancies):

1.  We want to feel indispensable.

2.  We want to get our own way.

…We must be trained to embrace this dichotomy of a truth:  in order to get a grip, we have to let go.

So sit tight, sister.  Together we’ll learn to discern a crucial life skill:  how to control what we should and trust God with what we can’t.

Isn’t that good?  This books isn’t about shirking all your responsibilities.  It’s about handling what you can and giving to God the things that are beyond your control (and how to tell the difference between these two things).

To enter to win Karen’s book Let. It. Go., simply leave a comment with your email address and one area that you are struggling to control.  Two winners will be chosen on Wednesday.

Circumstances are beyond human control, but our conduct is in our own power.

-Benjamin Disraeli, British statesman, 1804-1881


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  1. Devona Gibson says:

    I struggle with needing to control life – if something unexpected crops up, it really throws me for a loop.

    • Jane says:

      So true, I have the terrible habit of analyzing everything to the bone and trying to gain control over things that are out of my control. May God have mercy on us to learn what full surrender means, of the mind, will, and actions!

  2. Sarah Hollinger says:

    I consider myself CDO (OCD but in alphabetical order, haha!)
    One area that I have problems letting go is doing all I can with a situation then giving the rest to the Lord and trusting the He will take care of me (and family). I find myself obsessing about things even after I’ve done my best which starts a cycle of madness and generates all sorts of negative energy. Its time to stop that cycle in its tracks!

  3. Christene says:

    I struggle trying to control life moments and recreate times, feeling and experiences.

  4. Sherri Jackson says:

    I really struggle with this with my kids….I’m a single mom —their dad made really bad choices and he is out of the picture and their lives and I find myself wanting to control my now teens lives so that they don’t make the same wrong decisions…I really need to let go some and let God take control of them…they are fairly new Christians so I know if they let Him, He will take them down the right paths but I need help letting go of this.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I struggle with control over my chronic illness’s. I want to control how I feel everyday and I can’t let go and let God control the issue. Which I know, He is already in control of it, I just keep sticking my hands in there and saying, “I know you got this God, but I am just gonna take a little bit back for ME to control because I don’t think you are getting it done.”

  6. Christine D says:

    Slowly I am trying to let go of things & go with the f.r.o.g. method. (Fully rely on God). It’s so tough when you want everything to go smoothly & easily. Does God have enough time to watch over all my life & everyone else’s?

  7. Kiley says:

    I struggle with weight/healthy eating/exercise/self-control in that area. Lysa TerKerst’s book “Made to Crave” really helped me, but it’s still a daily battle and surrender.

  8. Bree says:

    Trying to control other people’s attitudes is my struggle.

  9. Susan K says:

    I definitely struggle with my schedule. I need to allow margin and interruptions from God, family, others, etc.

  10. Natalie E. says:

    I like to control what I consider to be my “free time”. I want it to go the way I have planned for it to go. This study looks great!

  11. Ashley says:

    I struggle with giving God control over my circumstances. I wish I knew what he was trying to teach me and why things are the way they are. My husband and I have struggled financially even though we feel like we make wise financial decisions. He’s been laid off twice and we are currently both unemployed and trying to find jobs. I know God has provided for us in the past and has continued to but in my finite view of things it seems like everything is starting to fall apart and there is nothing I can do about it.

  12. diki b. says:

    I struggle with controlling my day the way i want it to be. Having ADHD i have a sort of ordered chaos to my day that makes perfect sense to me. I don’t handle it well at all when something unexpected interrupts my routine or plans. When that happens it throws me into a major tailspin which i don’t usually handle very gracefully. My dad is really good at throwing the unexpected at me and it’s just as hard for him to understand why that frazzles me so bad. He is starting to learn though that i do much better if he gives me a days notice to mentally prepare then when he springs something on me at the last minute. I’m trying to learn to take a deep breath (well actually a few deep breaths lol) and be more flexible when he calls and shakes up my world of controlled chaos.

  13. DebG says:

    I struggle with controlling my husband and adult children (3 of whom still live with us). I think I could really use this book!

  14. Andrea says:

    I struggle with never feeling like I’m good enough. I’d LOVE to leet things go but it seems like I let it go and take it back all the time.

  15. Angie B. says:

    My son has Moebius Syndrome, and I struggle with the perfect picture of how our family should be, instead of letting God show me the wonderful things he has given to us. I love all your books!

  16. Jeanette P says:

    Although I have many struggles, one in particular is overcommitment because I don’t want to let anyone down. Because of my overcommitment, I struggle with time management and prioritization.

  17. Rebecca Bianconi says:

    I struggle with waiting on the Lord. I will give him something, but than think that he hasn’t heard me because he continues to not do anything about the situation. I want to control the timing of things, when I know that only God knows what perfect timing really means. I could use some patience and the ability to really give him control of any given situation.

  18. Sherry Stringer says:

    Being a parent, I struggle with totally letting go and giving all my cares to God. I think about the song “What A Friend we have in Jesus” and how it’s so true that I often forfeit peace and bear needless pain because I don’t take everything to God in prayer! It’s so simple but yet I make it so hard. Argh!!

  19. Deb V says:

    I struggle with parenting and over controlling my kids. I would love to win this book.

  20. Lori says:

    Like most women, I feel out of control when I can’t predict everything that will happen in any given day and have a solution ready and waiting. Both my husband and I work full time and we have a first and second grader. I feel overwhelmed with doing my best in the workplace, then going home to make dinner, do the laundry, help the kids with homework, give my husband attention…basically to be that Proverbs 31 woman…and still have time for the Lord…and maybe just to breathe and RELAX. There aren’t enough hours in the day and I struggle with feeling like a failure in all of it.

  21. Sherri Kreissig says:

    So true. After years of suffering thru the isolation and total fear while having panic attacks I came to relize that the more i wanted, craved, strived for control the less I had. Not until I started opening my hands to God and giving Him back what was already His did I gain freedom from them (panic attacks). I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I played Twila Paris’ “God is in Control”. My kids to this day reallllly hate that song. :)

  22. Angela says:

    Thank you for this review and giveaway! I would love to win this book! :)

  23. Sarah Hollinger says:

    Gosh, its so refreshing to see that other women are struggling with life too. Good to know we are all human and feel the same frustrations.

  24. Lyn says:

    I struggle with not controlling my husband’s time. When I see him wasting it and not spening time with my daughters, I not so gently nudge him to do what I want him to do. I need to let go and let GOD be God!

  25. LeAnn says:

    Sounds like a very interesting book that I need to read!! :)

  26. Jenni Nicassio says:

    I struggle with this the most. I often joke about being an over-achiever of myself and always having to control every situation because it’s not perfect enough. This book would be a great help.

  27. Lora Owen says:

    This books sounds like it would be such a good read for me! One area that I struggle with control is with my kids, especially the older one. He’s almost out of high school & therefore, becoming his own person. There’s a certain amount of letting him go & be his own person & that’s really hard to do. I’m so used to having quite a bit of control with my littles that it’s hard to let go & not feel like I’m giving up.

  28. June McLaren says:

    I struggle, as a caregiver — knowing that I need to be the responsible one, but my friend needs to be encouraged to take (at least some small, regular) responsibilities, too. It’s so much easier to just do it myself …

  29. Jamika C says:

    I struggle with wanting to be the perfect person (Christian, wife, mother, etc) RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to wait and learn. I want it to have happened yesterday. So I try to take control and am convinced I’m worse off then I would be if I weren’t even trying at all.

  30. As a Wife, Mom and Grandma….I too struggle giving God the reins! His word provides me with encouragemanet and I journal to keep God close to my heart as I spend time in prayer. Faith is the key, knowing that God has each day of my life planned and opening my heart to his will, not mine. God is so faithful and I am still in process!!! Praising him and desiring to love, honor and serve him with all that I am until HE Comes!!!! Amen

  31. Sherri Jackson says:

    Like some of the others I need help letting go of my kids…both are basically good kids and became Christians last year but it’s hard for me to let go of them…I think this book would be great for me.

  32. Juli says:

    This book sounds like what I need! I struggle with control in many areas of my life and desire victory and surrender to God. One of the areas that is most difficult right now is letting go of my family members, especially for what they do or don’t do for their health. It’s been difficult to draw the line between encouraging them and controlling them.

  33. Emily says:

    It is so hard for me to let go… Having come from a family where we attended Catholic church and were raised Catholic yet my mother is a self-proclaimed atheist to this day, it is hard to leave it to God. I pray for surrender every day but struggle with my need to control everything including me wonderful husband. This book looks amazing! We have our home on the market as it’s too much financially so this Christmas is going to be tight for us regarding money, therefore I predict it will be the BEST Christmas EVER!!! We never had much money when I was a kid but Christmas was still a magical miracle.

  34. Becky says:

    I struggle to control where we live.


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