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Podcast: Creating Christmas Traditions with Angie Mosteller


Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here:

Our Christmas to-do lists can be filled up with things like:

  • Shop for family
  • Take Christmas photo
  • Pick up appetizer for Christmas party

But if we’re not intentional, we can forget the most important elements of Christmas.

Celebrating the birth of Christ.  

Practicing family traditions that cement faith in our kids.  

Putting a smile on our face because “tis the season.” 

My friend author Angie Mosteller is here to help us recognize the godly symbols of the season (and how to pass on these treasures to our kids).   Angie has a wonderful book titled, Christmas: Celebrating the Christian History of Classic Symbols, Songs and Stories.

On the podcast, you’ll learn:

Why we decorate with Christmas trees 

A surprising story about the carol “O Holy Night” 

What to say to your kids about Santa 

What are two important criteria for whether or not you should put something on your Christmas activity list?  



christmas-pancakeVisit Angie’s website at Celebrating Holidays to learn more about her book and find a ton of Christmas resources like Christmas playlists of Advent songs, stories, the meaning of symbols, and recipes like this wreath of pancakes (so cute!).

And come back here next week for a giveaway and opportunity to win Angie’s book!  

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