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"Arlene's 31 Days to a Happy Husband helps you identify roadblocks to intimacy while discovering true passion. No doubt you will benefit from this 31 day journey to greater joy inside and outside the bedroom."

- Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner, authors of The Gift of Sex.

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Podcast: The Happiness Habit Part 2

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Are there habits you can practice to create a happier life?

The answer is YES!

Lasting joy isn’t based on circumstance or being in a good mood.  You can actually choose optimism and discover purpose to ignite your life.  In Part 2 of The Happiness Habit, you’ll learn the remaining three keys to living a happier life.  You can listen to Part 1 here.

Based on principles from my book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife, you’ll learn how to act happy (even when you don’t feel happy):


H – Be Hopeful

A – Be Adaptable

P – Be Positive

P – Be Purposeful

Y – Be Yielded



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