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Why I Love VBS

As you may know, I post something new on my site every week.  But this week…I almost didn’t do it because of three little letters:

V. B. S.

Those of you who have ever planned or volunteered for VBS know what these precious words stand for:  Vacation Bible School.

It’s the one week of the summer when kids of all ages come to church with tons of energy for a weeklong camp with songs, lessons, games, crafts, silliness, and more.

After VBS each day, you kind of walk around at 50 percent, because you’ve given most of your day’s energy away by lunchtime.

But it is totally worth it.

My children have attended many VBS camps along the way…SonRock Kids Camp, Ocean Commotion, and this year, Maker Fun Factory.  I love VBS because it introduces many kids to the love of Jesus.  Other kids grow closer to God through the worship songs and Bible lessons.

It’s a great place for our kids to make friends…and also for us adults to make friends too.

For five days, kids step away from their electronics and move from one station to the next.  Spending time outside playing games or building a craft.  Getting wet or just running around.  Eating string cheese and pretzels.

If you have a child in 5th grade or younger – and you’ve never attended a VBS – put this in your calendar for next May.  “Search for local VBS.”  There’s a wonderful memory that’s made in the hearts of our kids when they think of summer and connect that happy thought with VBS.

The worship songs will stay with your children.  New friends at VBS may become old friends at church in the future.  Honoring God’s Word needs to be the priority of our homes, and VBS is a very fun way to put God’s Word front and center in the summer.

So…for those of you who are a little weary from working with kids this summer…take this post as a giant THANK YOU.  What you are doing is sowing seeds that will grow into eternity.  You never know whose family tree you are changing for eternal good.  One snack at a time.

VBS through the years



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