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"Arlene was so entertaining and really opened herself up.  I have never seen a more authentic speaker.  She gave us very clear ideas we can put into practice right away."

- Dee Dee Hill, Director of The Well at Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church

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Book Launch Day!

Yippee!  YAY!  Confetti! Yahoo!

It’s book launch day!

Today is the day you can pick up my new book, Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life.  

Most of us struggle with checking our phones too often, and connecting with our loved ones too little.

I’m so grateful for my mighty launch team who have been previewing the book in the last few weeks and making some positive changes as a result.

“I’ve been starting my morning off without checking my phone first thing.” – Emily P. 

“I walk outside with my children without staring at my phone.” – Sarah W. 

“I pay more attention to my spouse than my phone.” – Jessica S. 

“I stop scrolling through social media when my husband is home.” – Terrie B. 

“I charge my phone in a different room.” – Cindy M. 

What positive changes will you make?  I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Even my puppy Winston is interested in a calmer, cooler, and more connected life!

Your calmer, cooler, more connected life is around the corner.

I look forward to hearing about how the book helps you to experience more in real life and less life on a screen!

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