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That’s One Cute Baby

“Mom, he is so cute!” Noelle declared with great enthusiasm.

Yes, that’s one cute baby!  

I lit up when I showed my 6th grade daughter Noelle the photo of Lucas Warren, the one-year-old baby who is taking on the world with smiles.  He won the 2018 Gerber baby contest – out of more than 140,000 entries, Lucas was chosen!

Lucas is the first baby with Down syndrome ever to be named a Gerber baby.  I love to look at his winning photograph which automatically makes me smile.

You can read my opinion piece in the Christian Post about Lucas and what his special smile can mean to you and me as parents.

Let’s celebrate our kids today.  The days may be long, but the years are short.  Make sure you enjoy the small steps, diaper bags, toddler questions, and elementary school projects.  Put your phone away and parent your cutie pie on purpose.

Go to Arlene’s article on the Christian Post.  




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