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"31 Days to a Happy Husband gives every wife the tools she needs to have a joyful home. You'll learn how to set Bibilical priorities that may save your marriage or change the dynamic of your relationship from good to great."

- Beverly LaHaye, Founder, Concerned Women of America and bestselling author of The Act of Marriage

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Celebrating the American Dream

Living in America is a wonderful privilege and one that we should be constantly grateful for. We have clean water to drink and proper sanitation.  We are not assigned a job. We are not jailed or beaten for being a certain religion. We are free to hold onto our beliefs. Women can drive, own property, vote, and work. We aren’t told who we can and can’t marry. We can imagine and become.

Let’s become more civil to one another and grateful once again for this land of freedom. With the success of the Incredibles movie and the neat changes happening at Disneyland with Pixar Pier, maybe your kids would like to learn a little more about the man who started it all. Prager University is an excellent resources for older kids, teens, and adults of all ages! I highly recommend.

Happy 4th of July weekend friends!

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