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Is Your Marriage Red Hot?

So…is it?   One small thing you can do to keep your marriage warm – and yes, even red hot – is to kiss for 5-30 seconds every day (remember that tip from my bo 31 Days to a Happy Husband?). My dear friend and mentor Pam Farrel has a […]


Book Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

30,000 feet in the air, I felt a little closer to heaven. On a recent flight, I curled up (as best as I could in seat 27C) and began reading the 10th Anniversary Edition of 90 Minutes in Heaven. I’m not sure why it to me so long to pick up this unforgettable […]


Book Giveaway: I Need Some Help Here! by Kathi Lipp

You’ve said it before as a mom… “I need some help here!”  Thanks to my friend, Kathi Lipp, you now have a bo you can turn to when you utter those exact words.  When your kid is sailing down the stairs in a laundry basket.  You will know that you […]


Book Review: A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter

I am happy to a resource for your family from authors Rob and Joanna Teigen.  As parents of 4, they are  have written a guide for fathers to pray for their daughters titled A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter.  You can imagine the difference it makes for a little […]


Book Giveaway: Not Alone by Lynn Donovan and Dineen Miller

I know you’re going to this guest post by my friend Lynn Donovan, author of Not Alone.  And..we’re giving away a free copy of the bo Not Alone.  To enter, simply leave a comment at the end of the post!  It started with a pound of hamburger. Yep, I discovered […]


Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Remember how you kissed your spouse when you were dating? Wowee, right? How about after 1, 5, 10, 15 years of marriage?  How’s the kissing now? Well, I what psychologist Dr. David Clarke writes in his bo, Kiss Me Like You Mean It.  And until November 12, you can […]


Book Giveaway: Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries

Yep, I’m a weather checker. I like to see what the day’s forecast is and dress accordingly.  Yet, sometimes the weather is about what is brewing in your heart than how hot it is outside. In her bo, Partly Cloudy with Scatter Worries, Kathy Collard Miller helps anyone who […]