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Stressed Out?

Stressed out this week?  Feeling like you need a break, a maid, a chaffeur, or a twin to get all your stuff done?  Dealing with stress is a reality for most of us. Take a deep breath.  Forget stress for a moment and check out this drawing by my second cousin […]


Indulge Smart on Valentine’s Day

When it comes to temptation, nothing packs a punch like chocolate.  For centuries, chocolate has been d by the people of the world, from drinking it in cocoa to eating it in bars.  So what is a woman who is trying to lose weight supposed to do about the icious […]


Super Bowl Snacks

It’s the biggest chow fest of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.  With millions of people gathered around their televisions, there’s only one thing to do, snack all day!  Surrounded by chips, dip, pizza, buffalo wings and soda, what’s a person supposed to do who is trying to lose weight? Have […]


5 Ways to Celebrate a Weight Loss Goal

Perhaps you have read about my family’s chocolate covered popcorn contest and how it’s motivating us to lose weight and exercise.  I am happy to report that I have reached my goal to lose my Christmas weight and am now eligible to eat the championship popcorn! (We’ll be partying soon, my son Ethan just has […]


3 Things to Do Right Before Grocery Shopping

I must confess.  If something unhealthy and yummy is in my house, I will track it down and eat it.  The war of weight loss is often waged in the supermarket, in the grocery aisles, at the end caps, and finally at the checkout stand! So…here are three grocery shopping […]


Best Five Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

You know what I about mornings? Turning around in the fetal position after I hit the SNOOZE button. Just ask my husband and he will go on (and on and on) about how much his baby (me) s to sleep.  He s to make fun of my of […]


My Favorite Five Weight Loss Snacks

This January, I’m blogging with tips to help you lose those post-Christmas pounds.  I hope you have found the tips helpful about how to know if you are exercising enough and how to drink water throughout the day. Today I’m going to tell you my current five favorite weight loss […]