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How Many Times Does Your Husband Think About Sex?

My friends did something creative to illustrate the difference between the sex drive of a husband and a wife.  Right before lunch, the husband said, “Remember this moment.” A few hours later, he said to his wife, “Remember when I told you to remember that moment?  Well, this is how […]


Is There a Wife Available Around Here?

I got a funny phone call the other day. An old woman with a feeble voice said, “Do you have any availability tonight?” I replied, “I think you have the wrong number maam.”  And the call was over. After I hung up, I thought about that call.  She was obviously loing […]


Getting in the Mood – Part 2

If you read Part 1, you know I’m about to reveal one easy thing you can do to get and stay in the mood for sex:  KISSING! Sex therapist and author Joyce Penner say this in my bo: If there was one key to leave you with, it would be to […]


Getting in the Mood – Part 1

Husband:  Let’s have sex. Wife:  I’m not in the mood. Husband:  Why aren’t you ever in the mood? Wife:  Why are you always in the mood? Sound familiar?  Yep, me too.  The other day James gave me a homework assignment.  Write about what helps get a wife in the mood […]



You remember that song by Aretha Franklin… R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me Well, respect means a whole lot to our husbands.  So much so, that I devoted a section of my bo 31 Days to a Happy Husband to respect. When I was talking about the subject […]


Radio Interviews with FamilyLife Today

What a blast I had at Family Life Today!  Here I am with hosts Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine.  These men are down to earth, full of wisdom, and very funny!  If you’ve ever listened to Car Talk, these guys can go back and forth with each other like Click […]


Guest Post on CWIVES: Making Time for Love

One of my discoveries this year is a great website called CWIVES.  Your husband will what that acronym stands for:  Christian Wives Initiating, Valuing and Enjoying Sex.  The site’s founder, Dr. Jennifer Degler, is a clinical psychologist, life coach, and co-author of, No More Christian Nice Girl: How Just Being Nice […]