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Meet These Happy NFL Wives

With the Super Bowl a few days away, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to interview a few NFL wives who are happily married?” Guess what? Two amazing women, Stacie Scifres and Mallory Brown (both San Diego Charger wives), eed me about their desire to encourage other NFL wives who […]


Dear Older Me

I like the song by Mercy Me, “Dear Younger Me,” but lately I’ve been thinking about the opposite. What if I wrote a letter to the older me…about the things I really want to remember? This question was prompted by watching videos of myself.  You see, James and I celebrated […]


Free Marriage Summit: Adventure, Mission and Romance!

As I heard Tim Hawkins say in his comedy act last week, when you’re newlyweds, you whisper to your bed, “Please don’t go.”  You hang on to his sleeve and kiss passionately before you must part ways. Twenty years later, it turns into: “Please don’t.  Go!” Too funny!  We all understand that […]


8 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy

All right dear friends…you know I write about being a happy wife and how we can make our husbands happy. But I thought this week, I’d write about 8 ways a husband can make a wife happy.  Feel free to this list with your man and highlight the ones […]


Tim Hawkins: How You Can Laugh and Love This Week

My family had a huge highlight yesterday…to meet THE MAN at a concert at our home church Bonita Valley Community Church…the comedian who’s s punctuate our home on most days… Tim Hawkins!!! Tim Hawkins is by far our favorite comedian.  If you’ve never heard Tim talk about conflict resolution in […]


Marriage Review, Anyone?

There was a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on October 6 that caught my eye.  The head read: It’s Review Time, Honey:  Evaluate the job you’re doing at being married to get better at it James and I read the article together.  It talked about how […]


Cruise to a Happy Marriage

Have you ever read something in a marriage bo and thought, “I wish my husband could hear this!” Well, now he can! For the first time, I will be speaking on a marriage cruise to the Caribbean with my husband James.  You’ll get to meet the happy husband himself and […]