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Thanksgiving Decoration for Kids

Crafty, I am not. But we all know that kids making crafts, so I have d Thanksgiving crafts for kids and come up with what I will do on Thanksgiving Day. Ta-da!  A garland of leaves!  All you need is construction paper, black marker, yarn and clothespins.  Perfect! Cut […]


Why Mommy Can’t Talk

A mom with no words? A wife who can’t talk? Yep, that’s been me for the past four days.  I have laryngitis and a cold. It’s been a dream come true for James.  A wife who doesn’t talk his ear off! I’ve learned a few things in these past few […]


Visiting Grandma for Halloween

Yesterday, I brought Lucy to visit my grandmother who is in her 90s, living in an assisted care home.  First Lucy dressed up like a princess to see her great-grandmother.  Then she decided that costume was too itchy so she changed into her pink ballerina outfit.  Actually it was her […]


My Superstar Lucy

I this photo taken of my Lucy at Sonshine Club.  Her shirt says “Superstar” and she truly is that to us! Sonshine Club is our afterschool Bible club at our kids’ public school on Fridays.  We have about 65 kinder through 6th graders who come to sing, play, laugh […]


Happy Birthday Lucy!

This month, my youngest daughter turns three.  Ah sweet Lucy! I am truly treasuring having a toddler in the house (even if my giant Lucy does lo like a 4-year-old sometimes).  When else will someone say, “Pwe-senting Noelle Pellicane!” as she throws her arms up in the air, introducing her […]


What a Difference a Mom Makes by Dr. Kevin Leman

Every parent needs a good dose of Dr. Kevin Leman! In his latest bo What a Difference a Mom Makes, Dr. Leman talks about the iniable im a mom leaves on her son’s life.  Of course, I was thinking of my own son Ethan as I read it.  I must […]


There is a Time for Everything

I recently saw a friend who is pregnant with her 4th child.  Her three children are the same age as mine, so I couldn’t help but wonder what our lives would be like if we had a fourth child. Don’t get excited.  I’m not pregnant or getting pregnant.  (The factory has […]