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Happy Valentine’s Day

I went on a picnic mall date with the girls today.  I that a packed lunch from home and about $5 made for a date to remember! $1.99 for a mylar balloon.  $1.99 for a heart shaped coie. Here’s the funky picture of the day – taken of our […]


You’re Still a Princess

Here’s Ariel at Disneyland with my daughter Noelle who was celebrating her 4th birthday.  Waiting in the long was worth it when Ariel was so sweet and conversational with Noelle. “Oh, what a nice hat.  May I try it on? asked Ariel. “Sure.” Laughing, “Hmm, how does it lo?” […]


Happy Birthday Lucy!

We celebrated my youngest girl’s birthday this week.  Baby Lucy is ONE! If you want to feel young, get around a baby.  It doesn’t have to be your own of course.  It can be a grandchild, neighbor’s child, baby in the church nursery…just as long as you don’t cling to […]