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Lucy’s Haircut

You asked about the after shot of Lucy’s haircut and here it is!¬† It’s still long enough that I put it up in her traditional Pebbles lo ūüôā¬†    


Father’s Day Festivities

We had a great Father’s Day yesterday at church and then with friends at a park.¬† Here’s the super daddy himself in all his glory.¬† Check out Ethan’s funny eyes…he thinks his sister is an alien!¬† Here’s what the kids loed like last year on Father’s Day¬†– it all goes […]


Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My favorite part of the day¬†was going to breakfast and seeing these homemade cards.¬† The one on the left is from 4 year old Noelle.¬† My mom helped both kids make some cards with some beautiful tissue paper flowers!¬† The card on […]


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my home to yours!¬† Here’s sweet¬†baby Lucy in her new Easter dress (thanks grandma!).¬† She los rather serious, perhaps she was still thinking of how scary the Easter bunny was to her! We started the day with a giant Easter egg hunt at our church – over […]


Great Aunts

My sister-in-law Cindy just spent five days with us.¬† She was visiting from the East Coast and totally¬†blessed our family.¬† First of all, since I’m on crutches, it was so nice to have another adult around to drive (I can’t do that yet), to help with Lucy, and to play […]


Sprained Ankle: I Fell in a Hole!

My family was hiking in San Diego.¬† I stepped down about two feet, my ankle twisted and before I knew it, I fell forward into this large dirt hole.¬† I flipped over and loed into the big blue sky.¬† My legs were up on the dirt ledge and I couldn’t […]


Shopping for New Glasses

In Day 27 of my bo, I write about updating your eyewear.¬†¬†So here are my new glasses! I am very blessed because I received some great advice from my optometrist.¬† My husband James helped me sort through frames too, taking pictures of several pairs.¬† my girls enjoyed trying out […]