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Spring Break Screen-Free Activities for Kids

When does spring break start for your family?  For us…it’s now! Chances are, you’ll want a few spring break screen-free activities in mind for your kids.  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: Walk somewhere.  Is there a park within walking distance?  Then walk…don’t drive.  Bikes, […]


It Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Day

It doesn’t have to be a bad day…even if it starts out on the wrong foot. Mornings can be rough when you have young kids to get to school.  Although, I have a feeling that teens may be even harder to wake. It was one such morning.  I was helping […]


DREAM Marriage Key #3: Eros

How would you rate your life?  In message three of the DREAM marriage series, Arlene talks about the “E” in DREAM which is eros.  Get revved up about romance in your marriage once again with these easy ideas Check out this episode


DREAM Marriage Key #2: Respect

You cannot underestimate the power of respect in a husband’s heart.  In this message about having a DREAM marriage, Arlene reveals the second key to your husband’s heart:  respect.  Learn how to give it regardless of what is happening in your marriage.  Discover how to communicate in a way that […]


Patrick Brown on the Best Home Improvement

Need a marriage makeover?  Arlene is joined by Patrick Brown, the host of TLC’s Home Made Simple for eight seasons.  Patrick s what a wife can do to make a man feel a hero in his own home.  Don’t worry…these basic steps do not require power tools or complicated assembly. […]


Tshaka Armstrong on Stepping Up

Most couples who get separated end in divorce.  But that was not the case for today’s guest Tshaka Armstrong.  Find out how this couple came back together and what made all the difference. Check out this episode


Kevin Sorbo and True Strength

Actor Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Soul Surfer, What If) talks with Arlene about marriage and fatherhood.  You will enjoy this refreshing and candid interview from a man who is successful in Hollywood but who does not live by Hollywood’s values.  Check out this episode