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Just for You – June 2017

I have a new title for you – a promotion if you will.

You are the Minister of the Interior in your home.

Doesn’t that have a nice, regal ring?

Minister of the Interior is responsible for things like:

Providing security for the country 

Responding to criminal acts or catastrophes 

Relations between parties 

Hey, this sounds like what moms do!

We provide a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when our loved ones need some security.

We respond to the criminal acts of our toddler terrorists or freedom seeking teens.  We’re first responders to catastrophes such as lost homework, wrecked projects, bad hair, or broken hearts.

We smooth over relations between siblings, between parent and child, and between warring friends.

We are peace keepers not only with our children, but with our spouses.  When you flood your husband with respect and physical affection, it makes him secure and steady.

Lastly, we can consider the interior of our own lives.  Are we close to God?  Do we have any unconfessed sin?  Are we parenting out of fear or faith?

When the interior of a home is strong, no matter what storm is brewing outside, you and your loved ones will make it.


So ask yourself today:

Am I acting like a responsible, passionate Minister of the Interior?  

Am I being vigilant about protecting my spouse and children from poor influences?  

Am I relentless in practicing both justice and mercy in my home?