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Screen Free Easter Weekend

Would a screen-free Easter weekend be a big sacrifice for you and your family? Recently in my Moms in Prayer group, one of the moms d that her kids had given up screen time for Lent. Wow, I was impressed by that! The kids came up with it themselves; it […]


Making Easter Memorable for Your Kids

These photos were just taken four years ago…and what a difference just a few years make! My son Ethan is in junior high now, and would be likely to be inside the bunny costume than to be caught in a photo with the bunny. You know that time flies […]


An Unusual Easter Text

As you think about the events of Easter, perhaps you consider happenings such as the Last Supper, Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane, Judas’ betrayal, and Christ’s death and resurrection.  And rightfully so! But if you turn, not in the Gospels, but to the very first bo of the Bible, you can find an […]


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my home to yours!  Here’s sweet baby Lucy in her new Easter dress (thanks grandma!).  She los rather serious, perhaps she was still thinking of how scary the Easter bunny was to her! We started the day with a giant Easter egg hunt at our church – over […]