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Say This, Not That in Your Marriage

How can you turn bothers into blessings? If you are married, you know your spouse’s can carry the power to prove and irritate you. (If you’re not married…you probably have someone in your life who can do this as well!) Today, let’s consider how we can turn bothers into blessings. […]


3 Better Questions to Ask in Your Marriage

Want to improve your marriage? You can start by asking better questions.   The questions that easily come to mind can be very negative… What has he done for me lately?  When is he going to start doing his fair ?   Why do I have to read marriage bos? […]


Focus on the Family: Stay Close During the Parenting Years

What an honor to be a guest on Focus on the Family radio today! I have listened to Focus for years – long before I had any children.  I think even before I met Mr. Wonderful himself. Before you have children, building a happy marriage is a lot simpler.  After […]


All I Needed to Know About Marriage, I Learned From My Mom and Dad

Climb into the time machine with me… A few weeks ago, my mom produced this little gift bolet I made for my parents in 1995! Before I was married… Before I wrote marriage bos… Before even the 21st century…. Here were my observations about marriage from 20 years ago from […]


Olympic Gold as a Wife

My favorite moment of the Sochi Olympic Winter Games? Watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White ice dancing.  Pure magic.  I to watch their stunning figure skating and the joy on their faces.  I think they light up the screen. Next favorite moment:  Noelle Pikus-Pace winning silver in the skeleton.  […]


Snickers or Big Hunk?

Well, since it’s candy week, I figured a post about Snickers & Big Hunk would be in order.  Not so much because they are icious, but because of what they can teach us as wives. When you married your husband, wasn’t he the “Big Hunk” in your life?  I attended […]


Labor Day & Marriage

We’ve celebrated Labor Day weekend with maybe hot dogs, some shopping, and sleeping in on Monday.  Labor Day is an American holiday that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. Workers…hmm…that actually reminds me of husbands and wives because unlike fantasy romances, really strong marriages take hard work. There’s the […]