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How Would You Do on This Survey?

I wonder how my kids would have rated me in a recent large study.  Would I have cringed at their answers? The survey was about what kids really wanted their parents to know. After surveying 6,000 children, researchers found that: 54 percent said their parents checked their phones too often 36 […]


Podcast: Joanne Miller on Creating a Haven of Peace

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: Can you relate to any of these statements: Finances are flat and tempers are rising.  My home feels chaotic, rarely peaceful.  A haven of peace?  How is that possible with all this NOISE!  Author of Creating a Haven of Peace Joanne Miller joins […]


2 Key Questions When Disciplining Your Kids

It’s a word that can make the strongest parent quake in their boots….discip.   Whether you have a strong willed or compliant child, you will need to have a strategy for disciplining kids. Yes, a strategy.  Don’t just discip by your feelings or in a haphazard way.  Plan how you […]


Writing Next Book with Dr. Gary Chapman!

I am thrilled, honored, floored, and humbled to announce that I will be writing my next bo with Dr. Gary Chapman.  Dr. Chapman is the author of the bestselling The 5 Love Languages series ( than 8 million copies sold – yes, you read that right!).  We will be co-authoring a […]


Enjoy THIS Part of Life

Are you enjoying your present stage in life? Earlier this month, I had the blahs for a few days.  I felt discouraged about the daily demands of caring for young kids.  My 2 year old Lucy has learned how to say NO! with great conviction and she was wearing me […]