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Book Giveaway: A 14-Day Romance Challenge by Sharon Jaynes

***This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations Sarah Rae!*** How would you like to live “in ” for the rest of your life? When we say “I do” at the altar, romance comes easily to us.  As we grow older, we must make of an effort to be romantic.  But don’t […]


Podcast: Romance Challenge with Sharon Jaynes

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: How would you like to enjoy romance in your marriage? This month on the podcast, my guest author Sharon Jaynes will help you move from routine to romance.  Based on her new bo A 14-Day Romance Challenge, you’ll learn how to: Have […]


Free Marriage Summit: Adventure, Mission and Romance!

As I heard Tim Hawkins say in his comedy act last week, when you’re newlyweds, you whisper to your bed, “Please don’t go.”  You hang on to his sleeve and kiss passionately before you must part ways. Twenty years later, it turns into: “Please don’t.  Go!” Too funny!  We all understand that […]


It May Only Take a Spark But My Matches are Wet (Part 2)

Download the podcast or listen to it now: Okay, you’ve heard Part 1 of this podcast, and you’re ready to identify common roadblocks to intimacy and learn how to overcome them. Fatigue. A busy schedule. No desire. You CAN rev up your life even if you don’t currently feel in […]


It May Only Take a Spark But My Matches are Wet (Part 1)

Download the podcast or listen to it now: When you are a busy mom, sex may not be at the top of your list of things to do.  You may be interested in sleep…or even worse, laundry!  You know sex is important to your husband, but do you realize […]


Special Gift for a Romantic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  Hope this will be a special day to give and receive from the people who matter most to you in life. Women tend to connect through talking, and men tend to connect through touching.  It’s how many of us are wired.  If you’re married, one […]


Day 25 – Making Time for Love

Career.  Children.  Church.  Candlelight. Which “C” do you think usually gets the short end of the stick?  Yup, the candlestick! In Day 25, I write about “Making Time for Love.”  Romance can seem like a luxury but it’s really a necessity in any marriage.  It doesn’t matter if you’re newlyweds […]