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Podcast: Romance Challenge with Sharon Jaynes

Download the podcast on iTunes or listen here: How would you like to enjoy romance in your marriage? This month on the podcast, my guest author Sharon Jaynes will help you move from routine to romance.  Based on her new bo A 14-Day Romance Challenge, you’ll learn how to: Have […]


Proverbs 31 Giveaway: 31 Days to a Happy Husband

  ***This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to the winner Cheryl S.!*** What is something your husband would just ? I heard an Audible commercial recently where the man was jogging and listening to a romantic Nicholas Sparks bo.  I think that ad was targeted to women.  Wouldn’t we all […]


3 Words to Change Your Valentine’s Day

What are the three words to change your Valentine’s Day? I’m not thinking of “I you” – although those are definitely winsome and worthy words. I am thinking of a phrase I heard my Pastor preach a few Sundays ago. The three words are:  AND THEN SOME  What if you […]


It’s Supposed to Be Fun

When James and I were engaged, we were meeting with our wedding coordinator at the church.  There just happened to be a wedding happening simultaneously.  After our meeting, we were walking through the lobby and noticed the wedding party getting ready to begin the procession. James pushed me over to […]


Snuggle Power

My daughter Lucy definitely has physical touch as one of her languages.  One of her favorite words when she was a toddler was “HUGGIE!” We often engage snuggle power for our kids, but we can forget to do that for our spouse.  So this Valentine’s Day and for the […]


Keep Dating Past Valentine’s Day

How did your Valentine’s Day go last week? I talk often about dating on a budget because many people ask how to go out without spending too much money.  I’m happy to report James and I went out on a cheap date for less than $25 on Saturday night to […]


Happy Valentine’s Day

I went on a picnic mall date with the girls today.  I that a packed lunch from home and about $5 made for a date to remember! $1.99 for a mylar balloon.  $1.99 for a heart shaped coie. Here’s the funky picture of the day – taken of our […]