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- Jill Swanson, image coach and author, Simply Beautiful - Inside and Out

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3 Ingredients for Great Sex

You don’t need a special occasion to cook up a night of great sex for you and your spouse.  It will especially mean a lot to him if you have children and are often too tired for sex.  Here are a few ingredients you’ll need to make an award-winning recipe:

Anticipation:  Remember when you were a little kid and you couldn’t wait to go to Disneyland?  Give your husband a “Disneyland” experience to look forward to.  Slip him a note that says, “You’re invited for the ride of your life, Thursday at 9:00 pm.”  When you create a sense of anticipation surrounding sex, it increases the pleasure of being together.

Variety:  Your creative juices flow when scrapbooking, decorating your house, or at your job, so why is it so hard sometimes to be creative in bed?  Make love on the couch instead of the bed.  Use a chair in your room.  Try using massage oil or different fragrances.  Surprise your spouse and in so doing, you’ll probably surprise yourself with how fun it is to open the door to variety!

Appearance:  Take time to put on makeup and do your hair.  When you feel attractive, you will feel sexier and more desirable.  What does your spouse like to see you in?  Lingerie?  Nothing at all?  Jewelry only?  Cater to his likes and he’ll be so glad you did.

If you’re a busy mom, having great sex may seem like a low priority.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  As you and your spouse carve time out for intimacy, your relationship will improve by leaps and bounds.  You will feel closer and actually have more love and energy to devote to your family.


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