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Interviewing with FamilyLife

I often listen to FamilyLife Today on the radio here in San Diego at 12:00 pm on KPRZ when I’m in the car.  Lucy asks for “usic” which is her way of saying “music,” but I tell her, “Sorry, mommy wants to listen to FamilyLife Today.” So you can imagine […]


God Opens the Doors

Last week, I heard a timely message on Turning Point radio with Dr. David Jeremiah.  His message was titled “The Open Door” and he talked about how in his earlier years, his type A personality would want to push open doors.  Now he los back and sees that it was […]


Happy New Year!

  As we enter 2012 together, let’s keep in mind that… Dreams really do come true. The best way to lo younger and make friends is to wear a smile.  Choose the right glasses to view life.     What are your 3D glasses going to be? Maybe: DETERMINATION DESTINY DEVOTION […]


Moved In the New House!

Moving is not for the faint of heart.  All of you who have moved in the past two years remember the pain of packing, moving and unpacking.  Then of course, finding.  What I would do to find my scotch tape!  I’m happy to report that three truckloads and multiple van […]


Merry Moving Christmas!

This Christmas, the Pellicane family is doing the holidays very differently.  We’re moving.  As in boxes and projects everywhere. Our new home is only 5 minutes away from our current house.  The beautiful view and upgrades caught our eye plus the new house brings us a little closer to grandma and grandpa.  […]


40s…Here I Come!

It’s been a lot of fun celebrating turning 40!  I am grateful that I am healthy, blessed with a great family, and doing something that I in speaking and writing.  Wow, I could not ask for !  Thank you God! I am happy to say there wasn’t anything too […]


Turning Forty

In a few short days, I will turn the big 4-0! Since my bo is 31 Days to a Younger You, I’m not afraid of this milestone.  I say BRING IT ON! Well, not with so much gusto, but honestly, I’m happy to be turning 40.  I’m incredibly grateful for so many […]