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Day 12 – 4000 Hobbies

I wrote about two of my friends at church in this chapter, Debbie and Kay.  Debbie fulfilled her longtime dream of swimming in the Great Barrier Reef.  Kay learned how to quilt and started her own “prayers and squares” group to give quilts to people going through great difficulty.  I […]


Day 11 – Brain Food

My husband James s to learn.  He was watching a video on YouTube of memory champion Dominic O’Brien who can memorize pages and pages of numbers, and meet hundreds of people in a short period of time and recall each person’s name.  Most people like me would think, “That’s nice […]


Day 10 – It Starts With Your Sneakers

In Day 1-9 of my bo, the focus in on your heart.  Now we head north and consider your mind.  What keeps your mind fresh and engaged?  I use this quote in my bo from bed Peanuts creator Charles Schultz, Life is like a ten-speed bike; most of us have […]


Day 9 – Do What You Love

Do you what you do?  If you are doing the exact same thing in one year, would you be happy with that? I was visiting friends in Palm Springs with my family and we learned that our friends church, Southwest Community Church, operated 3 thrift stores.  We didn’t need […]


Day 8 – Childlike Prayers

I wrote this chapter about childlike prayers because I am inspired by the prayers of kids.  My husband is a realtor and it had been a hard year in that business for sure.  But God had continued to provide.  One day we were celebrating my husband selling a house and […]


Day 7 – Pluck Without Pain

This chapter has a very funny story about my husband and me.  I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll just say it has something to do with correcting my personal appearance and specifically my face!  Talk about a touchy subject.  The encounter was painfully awkward but resulted […]


Day 6 – Grace in a Bottle

When my mom saw my bo for the first time, she said, “I wish there were pictures inside.”  I reminded her impatiently (sorry mom!) that bos like mine weren’t picture bos.  So for all of you who wonder what these people lo like – here you go!  This is Gracie […]