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"Every woman with a busy life needs to get 31 Days to a Younger You - and fast. After all, you don't want to waste the next 31 days aging before your time!"

-Marcia Ramsland , professional organizer and author of Simplify Your Life.

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Take the Happy Mom Quiz

Are you a happy mom?  Take the quiz and find out.  Remember, there are no correct answers.  No other moms peering over your shoulder to compare themselves against you.  Read each statement and circle if you mostly agree or disagree.

  1. I am not overwhelmed or stressed by motherhood on most days.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. My children are respectful and well-behaved.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I don’t yell at my kids.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. My kids do what I tell them, not the other way around.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I get enough rest each day.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I make time to pursue my own interests outside of my children.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I do not make it a habit to compare myself favorably or unfavorably to other moms.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I am pleased with how my kids use screen time (and how I use it too).

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I have another mom friend or group I meet with regularly for encouragement and accountability.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I pray for my children every day or most days.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I have at least one fun moment and laugh every day.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree

  1. I understand my goal is to launch adults, not to raise children who are dependent on me.

__ Agree                          __ Disagree


Total the number of statements you agree with: 

1-4:  You are feeling at the end of your rope most days.  The scoreboard reads Kids: 18, Mom: 2.  To be a happy mom, you will need to start with a few important tweaks such as seeing yourself as a leader and acting like one.  You’ve picked up this book just in time!  You can do this mom.


5-8:  You are experiencing moderate job satisfaction as a mom.  You long to stress less and laugh more.  You second guess yourself at times.  You are open to new ideas and motivated to be a better mom.  Use the concepts in the book to take your mothering to the next level.


9-12:  You are doing great!  You’re building on a strong foundation.  There’s no ceiling on joy, so you’ll be refining your mommy skills and growing in happiness.  As you learn what works in your mom life, pass it on to other moms.  In giving and serving others, you’ll receive even more!


  1. Karin Baker says:

    OK, I just saw the video of your children that accompanies the 31 days to becoming a happy mom, and was chuckling along till I saw the empty backseat and instantly started crying. After hearing just a few exerts from this book I know it’s going to be as great as your others!

  2. Carolyn Looney says:

    I so enjoy my GiG devotions each day. I scored 10 but know there is room for improvement. I thank God everyday for what He does for me and my family and am grateful for my salvation. Thank you all for sharing so that others (me) can be reminded of the goodness of God.

  3. tracey says:

    i just took the motherhood quiz. My score definitely reflects the way I feel.


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