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Help I’m Hungry!

What was that noise?  Your stomach growling, again?  Yes, part of losing weight is feeling hungry.  After all, your body has grown accustomed to feasting, and now it’s time for a little fasting.  So how can you beat those troublesome hunger cravings?

1. Eat regular meals and smart snacks.  Make breakfast a substantial meal with lots of protein and fiber to fill you up.  Eating lunch and dinner with a nutritious snack in between meals will help you stave off hunger throughout the day.  Eat slowly…savor the flavor of the foods to allow your body time to signal your mind that you’re full.

2.  Distract yourself.  There’s nothing like activity to distract you from mindless grazing.  Get out with your kids, run errands, visit friends, go to the library.  You’ll be so busy you’ll forget to eat.  By the time you realize you’re hungry, it will be time for a meal or a mid-afternoon snack.

3.  Don’t think about food.  You go where you focus.  If you’re watching a cooking show on television or thumbing through a food magazine, you’re looking for trouble.  Fill your mind with other subjects – write your husband a love note, plan a fun outing with your kids, organize the weekend’s events, anything positive to keep your mind occupied.

4.  Drink water.  Every time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water.  It may be that you’re just thirsty.

These ideas will help, but the truth is while you’re limiting your calories to lose weight, you will feel hungry sometimes.  The good news is you won’t feel hungry forever.  When you reach your fitness goal, you’ll be able to eat more.  But for now, don’t be afraid of those hunger pangs.  Annoying as they are, they are a sign of progress.




  1. Alyssa says:

    The water thing almost always does the trick for me when I am feeling snacky

  2. Water is ok for me, but have found when I want that Snickers bar or just junk hot tea seems to cut the craving.


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