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"Arlene was so entertaining and really opened herself up.  I have never seen a more authentic speaker.  She gave us very clear ideas we can put into practice right away."

- Dee Dee Hill, Director of The Well at Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church

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31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom

Happy Mom coverDoes it ever seem like you’re taking orders from your children instead of the other way around?

In this encouraging, eye-opening book, you’ll discover how to lead your home effectively…and happily.  Arlene has interviewed numerous happy mom experts like Kendra Smiley, Fern Nichols, Dannah Gresh, Karen Ehman, and Laura Petherbridge.

Organized in short chapters that even the busiest mom can read, you’ll become more:

H – Healthy

A – Action-Oriented

P – Prayerful

P –  Perseverant

Y – Yes-Filled

The book includes a “Happy Mom Discussion Guide” to enhance your personal study or for a group study.

What Others Are Saying about 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom:

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom is a practical, easy to read, guide to growth toward happiness.  You owe it to yourself, and your children deserve it.  I highly recommend this book.

– Gary Chapman, Ph.D., author of The Five Love Languages


Moms, get ready to take a much needed break.  Pick up this book to find refreshment and nourishment for your mommy soul!

– Jill Savage, CEO of Hearts at Home and author of No More Perfect Moms


Arlene is a bright light and in this book she will be your daily dose of encouragement as you seek to become part of the minority elite who’ve figured out how to mother the happy way.

– Dannah Gresh, Creator, Secret Keeper Girl


31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom is a must read for every mom who wants to be happy and raise happy, healthy, and heart-for-God children.

– Pam Farrel, author of 40 books including 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make


Arlene’s words will lift you up, point you to Jesus, and help you confidently carry out the all-important, sometimes crazy, but completely holy calling of raising your kids for God’s glory. 

– Karen Ehman, New York Times bestselling author of Keep It Shut



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  1. Jamille Atha says:

    I would love to win a free copy of your book please. As a stay at home it’d be quite a blessing.

  2. Missy Auten says:

    Thank you for your work. You have been an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for giving the opportunity to win your book!

  3. Fatima says:

    I would love this book too please, I love being a mom and I need to remember to enjoy more this season of my life!

  4. Danielle says:

    This book has been in my Amazon cart for sometime, but other family members needs seem to always place precedence (in my mind) over me ordering it. I would LOVE to win this book!

  5. melissa says:

    I would love to win this book for my sister. She is a stay at home mom of 3yr old twins and is due with a baby boy in 3 weeks. I can see how frustrated and easily angered she gets at the twins. She is unsaved and maybe this book will open her eyes to see how much she needs Jesus to help her raise her children and have the peace and happiness she desires.

  6. Kelly says:

    I would love to be fearless like a mighty warrior!

  7. Edith says:

    My home is usually happy but I could definitely use help to turn it into a Godly place of refuge. Thanks for your encouragement!

  8. Mandi says:

    I have recently become a single mom. This was shocking and has been a challenge. I feel like I every day is a battle, but I’m striving to keep an upbeat and happy outlook for my children. This book sounds like an excellent resource!

  9. Susan Turner says:

    I am struggled everyday to do my best at being a mom, I admit I fail more than I should. I have 3 toddlers, 3 and under and sometimes I feel there isn’t enough of me to go around. I’m so glad I found your page today. I’m always searching for ways to be a better mom.

  10. Christy Chadwick says:

    I would really love to win a copy of your book!

  11. Victoria says:

    Wow! God certainly knew what I needed to read in your blog today. Going to do my best to be Gideon today! Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I would absolutely love to win a copy of this book. I’ve had some serious health problems in the last 5 years and I am just now ready to start being the healthy mom to my 8,9 & 10 year old children. The Holy Spirit has been guiding me and it’s time to let it go – my past is past – time for the future! Thank you for the opportunity to win this much-needed book!

  13. Arlene says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments! You are entered in the giveaway!

  14. Gloria says:

    Expecting my first baby in a few months time and have no idea what parenting is like. I will be pleased to win your book and study it even as I start this journey of motherhood.

  15. Gloria says:

    Expecting my first baby in a few months time and have no idea what parenting is like. I will be pleased to win your book and study it even as I start this journey of motherhood. God bless you

  16. Arlene says:

    The winner has been chosen, thank you for entering this April giveaway!

  17. Annie says:

    I would love to win a free book!

  18. marisa small says:

    Thank for taking the time to write a book..with such passion and inspiration..
    Im a mother of five sons..13..11..9..8..4.
    just trying to enjoy motherhood more..
    thank you for challenging my heart



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