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Video: Mutual Activity List for You and Your Spouse

Welcome to this week’s Live chat! Doing things together is so important as a married couple and as a family. And it doesn’t count to be in the same room while one person is on the phone and the other is playing video games. Those aren’t mutual activities! In […]


The Romance of Remembering

A special welcome to my Proverbs 31 friends! How can we keep romance alive and well in our marriages? My husband James and I tied the knot over 20 years ago.  It was supposed to rain on my wedding day, but thankfully it didn’t on that January day in Virginia. […]


Video: Fun, cheap date night ideas

Date night isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.  It’s for any day! The main thing is making the date fun and romantic. Kiss and hold hands like you did when you were dating. Even if you don’t feel like it…do affectionate things and affection will return. Don’t be center your date […]


Video: One Minute to Improve Your Marriage

Welcome to February…the month of Valentines and romance! In this weekly FB live video, I one way James and I are cranking up the romance factor in the marriage. It was his idea…a kissing chart! One passionate daily kiss can do wonders to glue two people together. Let’s talk […]


Video: Going the Extra Mile at Home

How can you do just a little extra in your marriage and/or parenting to improve your home and make it a happier place? Here are some ideas just for you inspired by my Proverbs 31 devotion today about living an “and then some” life. Going the Extra Mile at Home […]


Video: What Lens Would Improve Your Parenting or Marriage?

Do you need a little tweak in the way you see your marriage or kids? Whether you are overwhelmed by the things to do, or underwhelmed by the appreciation you feel…you have incredible power to change your perspective and improve your life. My glasses have something to teach us. What […]


Say This, Not That in Your Marriage

How can you turn bothers into blessings? If you are married, you know your spouse’s can carry the power to prove and irritate you. (If you’re not married…you probably have someone in your life who can do this as well!) Today, let’s consider how we can turn bothers into blessings. […]