My husband James loves to learn.  He was watching a video on YouTube of memory champion Dominic O’Brien who can memorize pages and pages of numbers, and meet hundreds of people in a short period of time and recall each person’s name.  Most people like me would think, “That’s nice but I could never learn names like that.”  My dear husband thought differently.  He listened to CDs of Dominic O’Brien sharing his secrets to his memory power.  Of course there was work involved, which is why most of us never bother to stretch our minds in that way.

Taking what he learned, my husband made a system of memorizing sets of numbers.  If you give James your phone number, he’ll be able to recite it back to you without a problem.

You may think, why not just write the number down?  Doesn’t that work as well?  Yes, BUT it doesn’t use your brain in the same way.

Memorizing numbers may not be your thing but there is probably something you would enjoy to exercise your brain.  Whether you choose crossword puzzles, putting together Legos with your grandkids, or learning a new computer program, choose to feed your brain.  Your mind will rise to the challenge and keep you younger in the process.

Arlene Pellicane

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