Keynotes and breakouts that make you laugh, think, and act.

Keynotes and breakouts that make you laugh, think, and act.

“A month later, I am still getting thanked in the hallways for bringing Arlene in to speak to our parents and staff. Through research, humor, and story-telling, Arlene had our parents engaged, reflecting and ready to change the way they use technology. I couldn’t be more pleased with the message.”
Dr. Andrew Wise

Superintendent, Olympia CUSD, IL

“I have been hearing from women all throughout the day about how they were so richly touched by what Arlene said. Having Arlene was like having family. She blessed the women beyond measure.”
Sally Burke

President, Moms in Prayer International

“Arlene connects our stress points as parents and professionals to solutions that WORK. Her wealth of knowledge, research, and optimism leave her audiences engaged and excited about how to thrive more with less stress.”
Lynette Lewis

TEDx speaker and author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos

“Arlene was the keynote speaker at our Iron Sharpens Iron women’s conference. She shared a message that connected with all ages and stages. Her delivery was captivating and humorous. We were all relating to her stories. Her message made us think and challenged us. I highly recommend Arlene as a speaker!”
Lori Schofer

Iron Sharpens Iron, MA

“It was our joy to have Arlene as our keynote speaker at Collyde Women’s One Day. She had an amazing way of connecting with all the audience members using laughter and real life experiences. She stayed really late and was connecting and talking with all the ladies before and after the event. We cannot wait to have Arlene back again.”
Jinu Thomas

CEO & Founder, Collyde

“Working with Arlene was a pleasure from the first contact through the completion of the retreat. She responded quickly to any requests we had in the planning stages. During the retreat, she made herself available to our women and participated in the activities. We love this about Arlene.”
Heather Trail

Prescott Pines Christian Camp, AZ


It is Well with My Phone

Many people find themselves mindlessly scrolling through social media or working endlessly.  Technology is supposed to make us more efficient, giving us more precious time to spend on what’s really important to us.  Yet technology use easily creeps into our personal lives. Based on her book, Calm, Cool, and Connected: 5 Digital Habits for a More Balanced Life, Arlene will share how you can build five new habits to declutter screen time and find more time for relationships and relaxation:

H = Hold Down the Off Button (turn off technology at regular intervals)
A = Always Put People First (pivot away from your phone towards others)
B = Brush Daily (keep your reputation stellar by not posting rashly)
I = I Will Go Online With Purpose (stop wasting time and increase productivity instead)
T = Take a Hike (harness the power of nature to rejuvenate)

The Happiness Habit

Is happiness largely the product of good things happening to us?  In this talk, Arlene shows how happiness can actually be constructed, regardless of circumstance.  There are actual habits that lead to living a happy life. Arlene unpacks five habits of the happy person:

H = Hope
A = Adaptability
P = Positivity
P = Purposeful
Y = Yielded

Through research and personal stories, you’ll find out how these habits will create more happiness in your workplace, social connections, and home life.

Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World

The average child spends more than seven hours a day looking at a video game, computer, phone, or TV.  What is all this screen time doing to a child’s brain and emotional development? The same technology that has improved our lives also has the potential to hinder children emotionally and intellectually if not closely monitored.

Based on her book, Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World, Arlene will equip adults to help child develop EQ.  You will learn the A+ emotional skills really needed in this modern world:

• Affection
• Appreciation
• Apology
• Anger Management
• Attention

Internet addiction is rapidly becoming an issue for kids.  If children do not learn how to relate to people and become emotionally mature, they will enter adulthood unprepared to succeed.

Parents Rising

Raising kids in today’s world can be daunting.  Smartphones replace human interaction, families are fighting, and children aren’t maturing as quickly as they used to.  How can you reverse these trends in your home and live with more happiness? Training and development doesn’t just happen at work.  It can happen at home.

Based on her book Parents Rising, Arlene teaches parents that:

• Amusement is not the highest priority
• Parents call the shots
• Routine and boundaries provide security

You’ll learn how to launch adults, and not baby children.

Happiness at Home (for Couples)

Couples struggle with money, communication, intimacy, time management, and many other issues. Arlene will help couples dream together again, setting goals for the future in business and life, while practicing these five DREAM principles:

D = Domestic tranquility (create a home that is a haven from the pressures of life)
R = Respect (you must respect one another)
E = Eros (like the Greek god of love, we must continue romance)
A = Attraction (we can continue to act in becoming ways towards each other)
M = Mutual activities (couples need to have fun together)

Messages for Moms and/or Wives

5 Habits of the Happy Mom. Many moms are discouraged, stressed out and overwhelmed.  How can you put more joy into the high calling of being the ever-popular-and-needed mom?  Learn five habits to become a much happier mom.

5 Habits of the Happy Wife. Don’t wait for your husband to say the right thing or bring you the perfect gift to be happy. Learn the five ways to increase the joy factor in your marriage based on Arlene’s book 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife. 

31 Days to a Happy Husband. After children enter the picture, husbands can be relegated to the back burner and left there indefinitely. How can a wife make her husband feel special once again, even in the midst of a busy family life? Based on the book 31 Days to a Happy Husband.

It May Only Take a Spark, But My Matches Are Wet! Can a mom with kids at home actually still enjoy romance with her husband?  Hear practical ways to make sure romance isn’t left out of the family equation.

Mama’s Gonna Win! When mom goes toe-to-toe with a toddler or teen, who emerges the victor?  Find practical (and funny) strategies for putting the mom in the winner’s circle more often.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Hiding in the Bathroom! Every mom has wanted to hide from her kids at one time or another.  This talk will inspire moms to engage in one of life’s greatest gifts – being a mom.  Be inspired to run TO your kids instead of away from them.

Christmas Messages

Hope in a Manger – Like Mary, you may have many life changes on the horizon.  Learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and how to be open to the miraculous.

One Unbelievable Silent Night – Learn from the mistakes from one famous father in the Christmas story and believe once again.

Marriage Retreats

Arlene and her husband James are also available to team teach at a couples one-day event or weekend retreat.

Other Topics

Three Myths Women Fall For. You can fall into the trap of believing you’re not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. In this encouraging and funny talk, Arlene will expose three crippling lies: I am not beautiful. I have a terrible body. I don’t have enough time. Find hope as you realize God has created you with beauty and purpose. Get your thinking straight and watch as other areas of your life dramatically improve as a result.

If Life Is a Party, Why Wasn’t I Invited? Does it always seem like someone else gets all the breaks? When you compare notes and social media posts with your friends, you seem to be missing out on all the fun. Discover how the abundant life Jesus talked about is available to you after all.

In Every Season. Is it possible to be content even when your world is falling apart? How do you deal with loss and disappointment? Arlene will show you how to look for God’s hand of blessing in every season of your life, even the difficult ones.

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Arlene Pellicane