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Arlene with baby Lucy and Carol LeBeau

“What’s next?” is a question for the small and big stuff of life.

I’ve eaten my breakfast.  What’s next?

Now I’m retired after 35 years in the same career.  What’s next?

In this chapter about transition, I write about three women I highly admire:  Organizing Pro Marcia Ramsland, TV news anchor Carol LeBeau, and Olympic athlete and mother of 6, Beverly Buffini.

Marcia talks about having an empty nest.  Carol shares the dramatic transition between 34 years of TV news and retirement.  And Beverly talks about goal setting and believe me, she’s one to know how to set and meet goals (first the Olympics, then being a mother to 6 amazing children).

These friends show that transitions can be met with grace, strength, and enthusiasm.  If you are fearing a change, or struggling through one, you will be blessed by what these women have to say.

You can listen to my podcast with Carol LeBeau where she shares more about life after being a TV icon in San Diego.  You will love her down to earth style and her wisdom.

Arlene Pellicane

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