I haven’t experienced the joy of menopause yet.

The hot flashes.

The mood swings.

The weight gain.

Did I miss anything?

That’s why I interviewed Danna Demetre, RN and author of The Menopause Guide and The Heat is On about surviving and thriving during the menopause years.  Danna is an amazing woman who encourages women to choose healthy habits and to overcome adversity.

The first time I met Danna, she was speaking at a moms conference called “Moms Day Out.”  Her talk was about living healthy and I remember just being struck with how beautiful she was.  I was a bit intimidated to approach her but was quickly put at ease by her down to earth manner.

Danna struggled with outrageous hot flashes at night and shares how she dealt with that in my book.  Things like keeping your room cool, the blessing of a ceiling fan, and the power of deep, slow breathing.

So breathe deep ladies.  Wherever you are on the menopause journey, this too shall pass!

Lastly, my friend Rebecca Ingram Powell interviewed me about my book and has a three part Q&A on her blog this week.  Rebecca is an amazing mom, speaker and author.  Hop on over to her blog to read about stocking up on health at the grocery store.  And check it out on Wednesday for your chance to win a book!

Arlene Pellicane

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