Wouldn’t it be nice to hang a “closed” sign over your life for a day?

Just like a restaurant closes for renovations, in today’s reading, I write about closing down for a few life renovations.  I love to encourage women to schedule in down time to catch up and take inventory.  Mark off several hours in your day when no one can bother you.  This can happen on a weekend, weekday, whenever works for your schedule.  Maybe it can be a yearly ritual.  Take some time to catch up on those projects that have been nagging at you for months.  And take time to ask yourself some questions like:

Are you happy with the direction of your life?

Are there some activities that need to be axed out of your schedule?

Are there some neglected areas that must get attention?

I interviewed Proverbs 31 speaker and writer Karen Ehman.  Several years ago, Karen had to do a major life makeover.  She found herself tipping the scales at 250 pounds.  She knew she had to make some serious changes.  Find out what she did to go from a size 24 to 10 in my chapter.  As you can see in the picture, Karen looks great!  She’s kept the weight off for years and is living proof that renovations can last!

And talk about timing – today Karen posted her interview with me on her blog!  Check it out and you may also win my book…

Remember, you can also visit my friend Rebecca Ingram Powell’s blog to read her interview with me about instilling a positive body image in your daughter.  Plus you’ll have a chance to win my book again!

Arlene Pellicane

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