Here are three generations in my family on Noelle’s birthday.  She turned 4 and I won’t say right now how old my mom and I are in the picture 🙂

Joy has been personified to me in my mother since I was a girl.  Her smile is, well, it’s always there.  Even when she’s having computer problems, she still smiles and laughs, “Oh no, it’s not working!”    For my book, I pondered the reason for my mom’s joy and came up with a few answers.  One reason is that she believes the best about everyone.  You never hear her talk ill of anyone.

My daughter Noelle’s middle name is Joy and that’s so appropriate too.  She wakes up with a big smile on her face and bounces around…just like her grandma come to think of it.

And my baby Lucy, her nickname around the house is “Joy Joy.”  It just kinda stuck.  We say it fast, “Joy-Joy,” which sounds like her baby alien language that is sounding more like English everyday.

When you look around today, be on the watch for reasons to rejoice.  Chances are, you’ll be surrounded by joy!

Arlene Pellicane

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