This is one of my favorite chapters to talk about because my mom is featured in it! 

Have you ever been set up on a blind date?  Well several years ago, my husband set up a “blind date” of sorts for my mom and I.  It was a date with a personal trainer!  We followed like sheep to the slaughter my husband’s directions to go to a 45-minute spin class (stationary bike class).   You can see us pictured above about 5 years ago with my firstborn Ethan!

That sounded innocent enough for my mom (I can pedal…) so we went.  It about killed us but it started something really wonderful in both of us.  It gave us an exercise class to attend together (accountability) and a small group of women to see regularly (community) and an instructor who will make you move when you want to quit (major motivation). 

I went to spin class with my mom for years but took a break after having baby Lucy one year ago.  I’ve been doing home workouts but have just recently returned to the spin class with my mom.  Even the author of a book titled 31 Days to a Younger You needs motivation to move it!

Arlene Pellicane

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