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Help!  I need a new pair of glasses! 

My family and I had a lot of fun in the store as you can tell…

We had the brilliant idea of taking pictures of the glasses to help us determine which pair we liked the best.  When you look at yourself in a picture wearing the glasses, it really makes a difference.  Sometimes you can’t tell in the store.  So we narrowed it down to 16 frames at home:


And then to nine frames…

Okay eyewear fashionistas (Kay are you out there?)…which pair do you like the best?  I’ll tell you tomorrow which ones I like the best.  

In today’s chapter “The Eyes Have It,” I give some tips about updating your eyewear to look more youthful.  Plus you’ll get inspired to really consider what your eyes see. 

Not as in 20/20 but as in “Do you see how God is working in your life?” 

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