If you read yesterday’s post, you know I narrowed down my eyewear choice to 9 frames.  THESE are the frames I like the best.  What do you think?  Will I be able to see in them since they fall off my nose a bit?  I figure I’ll just push them up.  My husband thinks that’s a bit impractical.  I haven’t bought them yet – now it’s time to compare prices – but at least I know what style I am looking for. 

Check out my daughter Noelle trying on frames.  Now THAT makes me smile every time! 

Today’s chapter in my book is about the best thing you can wear.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s totally free and anyone can put one on.  Ready to do it now?

Look at Noelle’s picture and…smile!

The best anti-aging advice someone can give you is to smile.  When you’re happy, you take years off your face and even your hips (since people are looking at your smiling face they don’t notice your hips as much – LOL). 

Don’t feel like you have a reason to smile?  Consider author and speaker Thelma Wells – aka Mama T – who inspires thousands with her smile.  She had a terribly difficult childhood yet she found a way to smile.  I write about her in Day 28.  You’ll be inspired to see that you can smile too, no matter what you are facing. 

Thelma Wells and me

Arlene Pellicane

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