Here are four generations of my family.  My 89-year-old grandmother, my mom, me, and baby Lucy.

In today’s reading, I challenge you to think of the health of your heart.  Both physically and spiritually.  I would like to plan for more cardiovascular exercise in the New Year.  What type of cardio do you enjoy?  Running, aerobics, spin biking, kickboxing, zumba?  Pick something to get your heart beating in 2011.  Do it with a friend – it will make it more fun.

We need to keep our physical heart healthy for our life here on earth, but let’s not forget our spiritual heart health which we need for eternity.  My grandmother loves God very much.  When she tries to stand, you can hear her whisper, “Jesus.”  She’s constantly crying out to Him.  When she prays, she prays in all sorts of languages (Dutch, Indonesian, English) and she prays for a long time.  As a teenager, I remember my grandmother praying like this and me wondering, “When will this be over?”  Now when I listen to her pray, it is like music.  I think it’s beautiful.  My heart understands her prayers a little better now that I’m older.

In my book, you can check the state of your heart – both physically and spiritually.  Let it beat strong for God today!

Arlene Pellicane

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