This chapter has a very funny story about my husband and me.  I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’ll just say it has something to do with correcting my personal appearance and specifically my face!  Talk about a touchy subject.  The encounter was painfully awkward but resulted in me getting closer to James.  Pain can make us – you know the saying – better or bitter.

I got the idea of “plucking” from something that women are very familiar with – plucking your eyebrows.  We can get out a pair of tweezers and get rid of unwanted hairs in a snap.  But when it comes to plucking out bad habits, that’s a little harder.   How do you deal with the character traits and habits that need to be plucked out?

As a teenager and later as an adult, I never knew what to do with my eyebrows.  So I left them alone.  In recent years, I’ve discovered the joy of filling my eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil.  Once I used black liner.  Since I have black hair, why not match it right?  Wrong!  It was so dark that I looked like I was ready to go trick or treating.  Instead I use a dark brown and it works great.  You don’t want to go too dark on your brows or else it looks too prominent.

So as you look at yourself in the mirror today, take a look at your eyebrows and ask yourself two questions:

Do I need to pluck my eyebrows or fill them in better?

Is there something in my life that needs to be plucked out like a bad habit or attitude?

Arlene Pellicane

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