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I wrote this chapter about childlike prayers because I am inspired by the prayers of kids.  My husband is a realtor and it had been a hard year in that business for sure.  But God had continued to provide.  One day we were celebrating my husband selling a house and at dinner we asked our son Ethan to pray for the meal.  To hear that first grader pray, wow!  He went on and on, thanking God for the sale, for providing for the family, for giving my husband the gift and talents to be a great realtor, it was a very touching prayer.

I thought he would say, “Thanks for the food and thanks for helping daddy sell a house.  Amen.”    But he prayed more sincerely and descriptively than a typical adult.  Oh that we could expand our faith like that of a child.  Give us new words Lord to praise you with a childlike expectant heart.

Arlene Pellicane

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