Thank you to everyone who made our Girls Night Out Book Party a huge success!

Hosted at San Diego First Assembly (thank you Edie and company!), we enjoyed delicious desserts.  Yes there was a lot of fresh fruit available 🙂 

Then we limbo’ed (congrats to Ariel who was definitely the most limber among us) and had a fittest woman competition (way to go Theresa who just started a fitness boot camp right in time for our competition!). 

We ventured where no other women’s group has ventured at our church…we learned how to HULA!  Our instructor Jen was top notch – she is the owner of Hula Moves, teaching cardio classes through Tahitian dance! 

You should have seen the ladies dancing and marching and clapping and swinging! 

Another highlight was having my dear friend Shari and my husband James lead in worship.  It was beautiful.  I had always dreamed of James and Shari leading worship at the event so it was so special to have it really happen. 

I shared about having a HOT HEART and HOT HIPS.  It was a fun message.  It was great to see ladies meeting one another, laughing, and even taking pictures at our crazy photo spot with hats and of course the coconut shell bras. 

I don’t think I”m going to publish the coconut bra pics – I’ll save those for blackmail material! 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the books release.  Mahalo (which is thank you in Hawaiian) everyone!

Arlene Pellicane

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