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I was so happy to be on San Diego Living today (San Diego 6) to do a segment about my book and this Saturday’s event at the Kroc Center with Pam Farrel!

I had a good time on the show.  The studio is near the BMW dealership in Kearny Mesa.  It was fun to pull into the parking lot – beyond the GATE – after being buzzed in.  Ah – the excitement of television! 

The host Renee Kohn is warm, energetic, and great at what she does.  She was interested in hearing about my kids which is of course, what every mother likes to talk about! 

The producer is also wonderful.  I got the chance to meet a few members of the crew which was fun.  Plus as I waited for my segment in the green room, a beautiful dog named Jasmine kept me company (standing by for an adopt a pet segment).   The dog had snacks but I didn’t…go figure! 

The big triumph was getting Lucy’s picture on television – her BIG HAIR picture.  Now she has had her 6 seconds of fame! 

You can watch the segment online at the San Diego Living website.   Look for “31 Days to a Younger You.”

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