From the first page, this book caught my interest.  Dr. Dalton-Smith begins with a patient named Cameron who enters her office with more of an emotional problem than a physical one.

Not exactly what a board certified internal medicine physician usually can take time for. 

But Dr. Dalton-Smith chronicles her time with Cameron and introduces the reader to the seven lies women tell themselves:

Lie #1:  Perfection

Lie #2: Envy

Lie #3: Image

Lie #4:  Balance

Lie #5: Control

Lie #6: Emotions

Lie #7: Limits

If you’ve ever wanted to talk with a doc over latte, this is your book.  Dr. Dalton-Smith gives practical and sympathetic advice without sugar coating what needs to happen for change. 

I love who the author puts the Great Physician on center stage:

Religion has no place in the doctor’s offce, or at least that is what society would suggest.  The reality is that when people are the sickest, God is often in the forefront of their minds: Does he exist?  Does he care about me and my personal situations?  Can I be made whole again?  What better time to confront an issue than when it has pushed itself to the center stage of your life.

Whether you’re stressed or insecure, or simply want to take inventory of your inner life, this is a great read. 

Thank you Revell for providing a review copy of Set Free to Live Free.  This book is available wherever fine books are sold.

Arlene Pellicane

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