It’s not surprising that a book titled When You Can’t Find God: How to Ignite the Power of His Presence is filled with prayers.  When you want more of God, you talk with Him often and hope against hope that He will talk back!  This book by Linda Evans Shepherd will help you stay in God’s presence and hear His voice more clearly.   

The author understands that the Christian life is not a pain-free life.  But when troubles come, we are not alone.  Chapters teach us how to pray against the spirit of strife, and to pray for breakthroughs, grace, hope and healing. 

Here’s an example of a prayer in the book about having the peace that passes understanding:

Dear Lord,

Please bless me with peace, even when I walk through the storms of rejection, betrayal, lack, strife or trouble.  For as I have invited you to join me, I know you are with me in the storm.  Forgive me if I have traveled away from you or your purposes; help me to return to and obey you.  As I walk with you through the storm, I say in the name of Jesus, ‘Quiet!  Be still!”

In Jesus’ name,


Prayers are included in each chapter, giving you a great start to your conversation with God.   Linda Evan Shepherd has also created a video to go along each chapter, so you will really feel like someone is walking with you as you go through the book. 

Whether you’re going through a rough spot right now or not, this book will help you draw closer to the heart of God.

Arlene Pellicane

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