In 31 Days to a Younger You, I write about one key to looking and feeling younger:  learning something new everyday. 

Two things I am learning this week – well, I suppose my kids are learning.  The first new thing is swim lessons.  My kids are in Turtle Aquatics for 2 weeks and boy do they need it!  At the moment, my turtles would sink straight to the bottom of the pool but I’m hoping they will be able to stay afloat by the end of the week! 

Noelle is having fun here – she’s at the splashing, blowing bubbles phase.  Ethan is in the next level up, swimming with a kickboard and instructor about 6 inches away.  He’s not having as much fun and asked for me to pray for him beforehand that he wouldn’t be afraid.  Sometimes learning a new thing isn’t exactly fun but it’s necessary isn’t it?

The new thing Ethan and I are learning together this week that is fun is chess.  James taught Ethan and Ethan taught me – really he did.  I never played chess growing up.  James tried to teach me 10 years ago but I forgot all the rules.  Ethan and I played 3 games yesterday.  He won twice and I won once.  I tried my best and got creamed by a 6-year-old!  But it was fun! 

Sometimes we learn a new thing and we’re not exactly good at it.  But it can still be fun!

What new thing are you learning this summer?  It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost money.  A new recipe, a new word from the dictionary, new exercise routine, anything at all!

Arlene Pellicane

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