I know, can you believe it?  That’s James and me with rock star comedian Tim Hawkins this past Sunday at the Mastermind Conference in San Diego! 

It was my first time to see Tim Hawkins live.  I was not disappointed!  I was howling so loud; the older gentleman in front of me turned around a few times.  He was wearing a suit and I thought he might be mad, but a few minutes later, he was quietly laughing so I knew everything was all right. 

That’s one thing amazing about Tim Hawkins.  He makes everyone laugh.  I was standing in line to meet him after the show with a gray haired lady, twenty something hipster, and middle aged Canadian, and we ALL thought he was hilarious!  How does he do that? 

GREAT NEWS – looks like I will be able to interview Tim Hawkins for my upcoming “31 Days to a Happy Husband!”  Think he’ll have some good material for us?  You bet!!!

Mastermind is an annual personal growth conference put on by Brian Buffini and Company that James and I have attended for more than a decade.  It’s impact on our lives has been immeasurable to inspire us to dream, make goals, and grow for it! 

Another highlight was meeting financial guru Dave Ramsey who rocked the house!  Wow, is he a dynamic and wonderful speaker!  Here’s a tip from his talk:

Slow and Steady Matters.  Dave Ramsey has been interviewing billionaires to find out how they did it (notice how Dave himself is always growing and learning).  One billionaire shared his favorite book besides the Bible.  It was the “Tortoise and the Hare.”  What, so simple?  thought Dave.  But as he explained it and time worn on, the truth struck Dave. 

We live in a ADD culture that wants everything quick for very little pain.  The truth is the person who is diligent (excellent in the ordinary over time) will win every time.  The turtle isn’t sexy, doesn’t have anyone cheering for him, won’t be on CNN, but every day, that turtle moves forward, inch by inch and is focused on one task alone:  to cross the finish line.  And in the end, that turtle will win the race. 

More to come…I’ll share a highlight of my favorite inspirational video at the conference next post!

Arlene Pellicane

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