It’s been a lot of fun celebrating turning 40!  I am grateful that I am healthy, blessed with a great family, and doing something that I love in speaking and writing.  Wow, I could not ask for more!  Thank you God!

I am happy to say there wasn’t anything too elaborate on my wish list this year.  It’s funny because the things I wanted were extremely basic…

The morning of my birthday I wanted a big Costco size container of hand soap because I’ve been eeking out the last bubbles from my soap dispenser for weeks in my bathroom. 

I wanted a new box of kleenex to magically appear on my bathroom counter.  I guess just thinking about walking downstairs and pulling a kleenex box out of the garage doesn’t count.

I wanted a new pair of tennis shoes because the comfy mom shoes I wear daily desperately need a facelift (footlift?).

Okay, so what’s with the blue hair?

We had a dress crazy birthday party!  I wore my cheerleading outfit from 1988 and I’m happy to say I could button the vest and zip the skirt up mostly.  Here’s to the fabulous forties!

Here’s my cute little piggy Lucy who turned 2 this month:

Arlene Pellicane

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