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I’m so glad to be a part of my friend Kathi Lipp’s military book club – one whole month dedicated to helping wives be more loving to their hubbies! 

Every day, Kathi has a guest author post and giveaway a copy of a book or other gift.  Today you can check out my post about being that trophy wife for your man.  Just leave a comment on Kathi’s blog for your chance to win my book and a baby onesie! 

Have a great start of the week.  I’m trying something new this week – I found a book on once a month cooking at Barnes & Nobles for just two bucks!!!  It was perfect timing because I was just thinking how I really need some help in the cooking department.  This week I will be trying the 2 week meal plan (cooking 4 hours for 2 weeks worth of meals).  I’ll keep you posted!

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